Posted by: gotrain | July 21, 2008

The Wooer telemarketer


Beach at Saint-Irénée - Charlevoix

Just back from a week’s vacation in the beautiful Charlevoix and Saguenay regions of Quebec and so I was a bit slow in getting myself out the door this morning. This gave a chance for the telemarketer from Bell to catch me at home.

My first inclination when I heard the word Bell was to say I was in a rush and to call back, but after a few sounds of the sweet voice of Pascale, I was had. I have been experiencing difficulty with their services at home and work over the last few months and so I am not a great fan of theirs at this time.

And so it goes to show you that no matter how bad you may have performed yesterday (I refer to Bell as a collective You), an engaging, wooer type of employee can turn things around in a few moments and even sell more services. Which is amazing because just 2 weeks ago I wanted to get rid of them as a supplier.

A wooer employee or person is one who is so nice and empathetic you cannot resist their kind charm and words. And the ones that know and understand their own qualities and how to use them are really effective, case in point being Pascale the Bell girl.

The thing is in sales these wooer types are often weak because they are not at all aggressive. So don’t put them into aggressive type sales roles or situations where they need to use high pressure closing techniques. They are often attracted to and do well in social work type occupations including nursing and human resources. But they can be really effective in sales roles where they can use a gently approach to selling.

Pascale did a really good job of attempting to close me on a sale. She didn’t ask me to buy, she just assumed by my reaction and interest in her offer that I was ready to buy and was taking me down the lane of getting a final agreement. I did hold out saying I wanted to compare her offer with my current supplier and to call me back tomorrow. She agreed and said she would call at 9:30. Let’s see if she does.

So it is important for both the employer and employee to understand the type of person they are and how to best utilize the qualities of their type and the talents and skills they have developedthough learning and training. This person’s style was in great contrast to another Bell telemarketer who called me last month to sell me Internet hosting and design services. The guy was so aggressive and obnoxious I hung up on him They obviously work for 2 very different bosses and cultures within the Bell organization. I am even thinking the Internet guy may work for a third party.

I have been working with Frtiz Glaus and learning and teaching his typology approach to better understand people. The wooer type comes from his types of people system and is the Supporter type. I can tell this just by her behaviour on the phone, which I think is pretty darn good.

Fritz and I are working on a new website and on-line learning system to teach the types to business leaders and coaches. You can start by reading his book CrazyZoo available at I was reading it again on vacation and it amazed me how much you can learn about yourself and others and how to improve relationships using this system.

Let’s see if the Bell girl does call back and succeeds in closing the sale.




  1. The Bell girl did call as promised and succeeded in convincing me to switch my local home line back to Bell. Again she did a great job of using her soft charm to sway me even though I threw her a few oblections.

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