Posted by: gotrain | September 30, 2008

Freedom to Choose

This morning I decided to ride my bike to work this morning and that got me thinking of how lucky I am to be able to have the freedom to choose this mode of transport and to live close to my office and next to a beautiful forest. I don’t have to cut through the forest to get to the office but it sure is a nice diversion especially now with the leaves changing colours.

Fifteen years ago when I first started in this field I would never have considered doing this. I would spend all day on the phone cold calling business owners to get appointments to talk about their concerns and challenges and share some ideas for change and success. Some days I would dial well over 100 times with very little results. I probably could have afforded myself the luxury of going for a walk or bike ride back then but the fear of failure and the need to survive was too strong. I have learned to trust that I have what many people want and they will find me. It doesn’t mean I don’t market my services anymore. In fact writing this blog is one way of marketing myself, but it means I no longer live and work focused at the survival level. My goal is to continuously grow my knowledge and skills because that’s what I have that is marketable and helpful to others who want to do the same. And I think we all are aspiring to do that in some way or another.

So what is the secret to work less, make more and enjoy life? This is the theme and focus of all my energy, writing and work right now and will be for some time. This is what it really all boils down to for business owners and executives. When I say work less, I mean spending your work time on what most interests you, what you are best at and enjoy the most. The challenge is to accomplish this through developing superior leadership and people skills. This is how we can create incredible visions for ourselves and build a team of people to help as accomplish it. But the vision needs to be worthwhile and inspiring. Some businesses owners may have a hard time doing that with their business. For example if you own a waste disposal business, how can you create an inspiring vision and mission for that type of business? Well I think you can because it does not have to be what you do in so much as how you do it. If you become a great financial success by being a hard nosed business person and treating people like dirt or developing a task oriented leader dependant workforce, is that success? Not according to me and others who share my outlook on life and work. Success is about helping others grow and face challenges and build collaborative relationships. If people learn how to do that at work through a visionary and skilled leader, it will affect all aspects of their lives for the better. That will be a great legacy to leave behind and take with you.

I will very soon introduce you to the ThreeBrainSynergy method to develop yourself into a highly skilled leader who possesses great people skills. We will be launching our new coaching system and website to help business owners, executives and leaders at all levels do just that. Subscribe to this blog through the RSS service to be advised of this important announcement or sign up for my newsletter from Optimus Performance, my Montreal based training and coaching business here

Stephen Goldberg


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