Posted by: gotrain | October 16, 2008

Know-Yourself for Success!

I have been inundated lately with emails and enticing offers to help me become all I can be so I can have it all, success, wealth, happiness, romance, you name it. Ever since the book and film The Secret hit the mainstream, all the purveyors of self-help and personal development programs have been let out of their receptive cages.

Not that there is anything wrong with what most of these people are saying. And perhaps the reason I am on the receiving end of their email offers for helping me transform myself is because I am somehow attracting them to me. Actually, I have been researching different marketing approaches to help me launch my own approach to self-development so I keep signing up for different offers.

The thing is that I find all these approaches that I am learning about beneficial in some way as they are all based on basic principles of success that have been around for a long time.

What I am not in agreement with is that fact that they suggest that by using their approach you will quickly and easily transform yourself into the person you want to be and you will thus attract all the things you want in life. In most cases (read 95%-99%) this is absolutely untrue.

I know this because I have been teaching many of these principles for over 15 years along with having trainers and coaches to guide me in my own application of these principles. Of course I have made progress, but it has been a slow step by step process that has only materialized because I stuck with it.

For example, one thing I learned and put into practice was the concept of affirmations. I did this to develop the right attitude for cold calling and to combat the fear and consequence of rejection. I followed the instructions in the book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, which said to read the written affirmations three times daily, each one for 30 days. This lasted for one year and I did it daily. During the process I could feel improvements and by the end the principles embedded in the affirmations had become a habit of thinking.

I at times gave this book as a gift or as suggested reading, but I don’t know of anyone who followed the instructions the way I did. The point is that the changes that occurred did so over time and because I stuck with it. You can definitely say I was motivated.

The new personal development process I have launched with my mentor, coach and new partner Fritz Glaus, is a process to understand yourself and become balanced. It is the the brain or intelligences system for knowledge of self and others. We call the system and website, .

The website is a membership program to train and coach leaders on developing the people skills needed to have create a special kind of organization of people who are empowered to make decisions and improve things through collaborative teamwork. Not all leaders aspire to do this and it goes beyond traditional thinking and leadership styles.

Leaders who want to embark on this type of journey recognize that people can only become fully able to use their talents when they are given the power and the support they need. It requires leaders who are willing to let go of their need to control everything and trust that people can and will do what is best. This kind of trust comes because the leader is ready and willing to provide the right kind of support that people need.

To help leaders get started and explore this approach, we have created an e-learning program and have made available a free lesson. In this lesson you will learn which of your three brains is dominant and the difference between the three types of intelligences. Knowing this alone is of great value because you can quickly see how you may differ from others who you work or live with. Our perspective on life and work are greatly influenced by the dominant intelligence.

I invite you to sign up for the free lesson.


Stephen Goldberg


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