Posted by: gotrain | December 4, 2008

Team training workshop 3

Last week I continued the team training and conducted workshop 3. In this session I had people explore how their type influenced certain attitudes that impacted teamwork. This is important because team members who are expected to contribute to high performance teams need to develop the skills that will enable the team to function autonomously. Otherwise the team will never really become an evolved team that achieves high performance. Teams that are not evolving can easily slip back to the first stage of team development, which is dependency on the supervisor to be told what to do.

Team members need to be able to engage in problems solving opportunities to remove roadblocks to ongoing improvements in the way the work is performed. This will create great opportunities for the organization to control costs and improve performance without investing new capital.

The perspective each type of person has on the following three aspects of teamwork will dictate how ready and eager they are to participate with others to achieve goals and solve problems together. The way each views change, people qualities and cooperation is strongly influenced by their type and the more dominant the fear of their type manifests itself, the more inflexible they will be.

For example a heart type that we call the Supporter is an emissive type that is passive and positive. Emissive types favor relationships first over task, contrary to the receptive types. Passive means that they prefer things as they are and positive means they see the glass half full rather than half empty. So their attitude towards change tends to be that it not necessary to upset things and that there are ways to understand each other. Their attitude towards people qualities is that it is important that people working together like each other. Their attitude towards cooperation is that we can work together well by taking into account the opinions of everyone and I am ready to help.

If the fear of this type is very strong they would go to extremes to protect everyone from getting hurt and easily neglect themselves and their tasks and perhaps burn out. By learning this about themselves, they become empowered to do something about it. What they can do is borrow a tendency from the type that follows them and develop new skills to modify their behavior. During the workshop, they are each given the chance to modify the goal they are working on for self-development as I introduce new information about the types and teamwork.

Since the group is learning this about each other together during the workshops, they can see where each one could need some help in the way of coaching. The next session I will introduce them to some simple coaching techniques that they can apply, to help one another become better balanced in their attitudes and skills for teamwork through mutual coaching. This is something that evolved teams learn to do and apply. Stay tuned for the next post about workshop 4.


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