Posted by: gotrain | January 8, 2009

Plan goals, work your plan!

Here is my revised video tutorial to plan your goals for 2009. It begins with a review of last year and then guides you in planning for this year.

Most people still do not write down their goals so I made it easy to do so with this PowerPoint tool. To get the actual PowerPoint document to fill in yourself go to my Optimus Performance website and enter your email address here and you will get it emailed to you. You will also get signed up for my newsletter and you can keep them coming or un-subscribe at any time. I never give out email addresses.

This is a quick approach to goal setting but it does take some reflection. You can always go back to it later and modify it. My coach (that’s right, I have a coach) suggested to break it down into sub-goals for each quarter which I have done by adding a slide after the goals for the year and then writing the sub-goals there. You won’t see that on my PowerPoint video or in the actual document.

Let me know if this helps you actually set your goals or make it simpler.



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