Posted by: gotrain | January 19, 2009

The Benefits of Leadership and Team Development Training

I can talk forever about why one should invest in leadership and team development training. In my opinion self-development is the key to creativity, flexibility and sustainability. When each person in an organization is making an effort to learn and grow and is supported by his boss, it will have a tremendous impact on the organization in ways that we can only imagine.

Here is a video I made based on interviews with a client who is committed to personal, leadership and team development. The name of the company is Prisma Pressure Sensitive Products in Montreal Canada.



  1. Thanks for sharing this video link. I found it very refreshing to actually see a company really “get it”. They seemed to have embraced your leadership strategies and were genuinely putting them into practice to not only benefit their own self-development but that of others as well.
    Kuddos to them and to YOU!

  2. Well done Stephen, good demonstration of leadership in action.

    • Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated.


  3. I have finally taken time to listen and read more of the good stuff on your site. Great work! Good job on the editing of the video as well.

    I leave you with this old but true

    Doing the same over and over will get you exactly that…the same old result! If business owner wants more or a different result they must be open minded to try things that are new to them or different at the least!

    • Thanks for the comment Mario. So true what you are saying. That’s why training and development is so important as it challenges your thinking about what you are doing to get the results you do.

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