Posted by: gotrain | February 25, 2009

Shuffle The Deck and Win

Shuffle the Deck and Win


Sometimes just shuffling the deck is enough to put new life in the cards and change the direction and feel of the game.

The same may be true for a winning team. Changing the makeup of a team by bringing in new talents and skills can often provide a much needed spark to booster overall performance.

Diversity in teams is vital to growth, creativity and sustainability. Different points of view and work styles are vital and superior to one-way of thinking and doing things. 

 It is essential that the team members are able to help the new person integrate into the team and that they get to know one another. This is best done using the typology approach that Fritz Glaus has developed into a team training program called My Team and I, which is based on his book CrazyZoo, Know Thyself Made Easy.  However this approach is not easily used by the novice person for hiring new staff and additional resources are needed.

Just knowing the talents and skills a person has for a position is not enough. You need to know more about the person and the behavioural traits they bring to the team and role. Otherwise you can end up in destroying what the existing team has built by adding the wrong person.


Besides talent and skill you need the appropriate attitude, thinking style, specific personality traits and work interests for the specfic job. For example, the required behavioural trait for attitude for a finance comptroller would most likely be more on the ciritcal side. This would be in contrast to a customer service person who would need have a more positive outlook. But imagine the comptroller candidate coming for an interview and in the interview they display both behaviours equally. How do you really know what the true person is like? 


That is why the use of an assessment tool is so vital to making good hiring and promotion decisions. You need good reliable information quickly and the Profiles assessments from Profiles International is a world class provider of these tools.


On March 12th at 1:00 PM I will be presenting a webinar on hiring star employees using the Profile XT assessment tool. I will cover the various components of the tool including creating job patterns for the role.


Please email me for details on how to join the webinar on March 12th.



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