Posted by: gotrain | March 9, 2009

How much do you invest in hiring a new employee?

When you consider the average annual salary of a new employee, it makes more sense than ever to assure you are making the best decision. Not only do you need to check their skills and determine how well they’ll blend with the team, you also need to consider the total person and that means how they think, behave and what drives their passion.

The average annual salary in Canada for an office clerk or bookkeeper is about $30,000. That is an investment in someone’s potential to perform so that the business can function and grow. On top of that add recruitment and training expenses, which could add another $3,000 to $5,000 for these types of positions.

If you make a decision based on skill and company fit alone and do not consider the fit for the job in terms of thinking, behaviour and interests, this decision can turn out to be extremely costly and counterproductive.

It makes much more sense to use all the best resources available today. The Profile XT, which does the job of assessing the total person and matching them to the position, is only a fraction of the annual investment in the individual.

Join me this Thursday, March the 12th at 1:00 PM EST for a free webinar on hiring star employees using the Profile XT. We all know that good people are the key to driving business growth and success.
I will provide tips on better hiring and give an overview of the Profile XT assessment tool and how it can greatly enhance your hiring decisions. The return on investment of using this tool is enormous.

I will also take your questions and discuss why it is a great time to find your potential star performers.

To register for the webinar please send me an email to


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