Posted by: gotrain | March 26, 2009

What is insanity?

We all know that the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting to get better results.

This week I read an article by Diane Frances about the US bail out plan to rescue the economy. She says that the approach is wrong and quotes from George Soros who says they are trying to boost up consumerism to get the economy rolling again. This is what got us into this mess to begin with and now they seem to be repeating the same approach over again.

Yesterday I ran into my portfolio manager at the gym and he told me my stocks are up about 20% over the last two months. This sounded good but I could not help but think of the article I had just read.

I mentioned the article to him and he agreed that this is the wrong approach and is based on short term thinking and not solving the root cause of the problem.

So what gives here and why is this kind of decision making allowed?





  1. Government is a particularly fertile field for the type of behavior described here. Senseless bureaucrats who are experts at browning their noses get a false boost to a self esteem that never was when they can tell the rest of us what to do or not do – usually incorrectly.

    Unfortunately, the field of big business has demonstrated a remarkable affinity for this behavior as well, which, among other observations I can point to, leads me to the conclusion that “big” for the sake of “big” … is just plain wrong.

    Economies are in free fall because of decades of laziness as well as insanity, which I will explain briefly.

    Whereas the American people have a Constitution that is perfectly charted for self government, the effort required for self governance is the kind of effort that many, if not most, Americans would rather let somebody else make.

    The power hungry types (the insane among us, since absolute power corrupts absolutely) are only too eager to accept that power that is so freely handed over to them and to turn that power against anyone that would prevent their free and unfettered exercise of that power, as long as they can get away with it. They’ve been getting away with it for a long time, allowing that power to grow to a seemingly immense dimension.

    This dynamic takes place in all social institutions, including our schools, which are now mostly diseducation centers; and in our financial institutions, where power mongers have long known the secret: that if they can control the monetary policies and supply of a nation, they can control it, period.

    What’s the solution, then? How to make the transition from a society ruled by the insane to one that is sane again?

    The larger complex issues are beyond the individual and will be sorted out by God. Suffice it to say, that the “immense power” I have alluded to is really only real in the minds of the insane, because in reality they have no power that you or I do not give them.

    The issues that are more pertinent to you and me are rather simple. Live a sane, balanced and centered life, completely unattached to the trappings of the insane ones: their money, debt, materialism and vain values. In other words, live a life in which you reclaim any power you have unwittingly or otherwise given away.

    Live that example for others to see and do for themselves and you will do your part to change the world.

    Gandhi said it best: “Become the change you want to see in the world.”

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