Posted by: gotrain | April 2, 2009

Big payoff from sales & management training & coaching

I recently video taped an interview with a client, Mario Lapointe, president of SMT-ASSY, a firm that specializes in electronic component assembly and testing.

Mario had been through sales and management training and coaching with me over a one year period. The initial process consisted of a 2-3 hour coaching session each week for about 13 weeks. After that it went to monthly sessions and then quarterly meetings for up to 1 year.

During the first 13 weeks Mario had to do some reading and complete exercises in a workbook, as well as listen to recorded material on personal development and sales.

I used the self-paced sales development program ACCISS as the learning tool to change personal perceptions and assumptions.

This worked very well for Mario who was hungry to learn, grow and get results. And results he got. Mario explains the results in the video, which essentially saw him double his sales in 1 year. What he doesn’t mention in the video, is that he also freed himself from the day to day operations enough to start a new business producing a business magazine, Business Newsmakers, with a unique marketing twist.



  1. Good work, Stephen and Mario. This paradox of striving for less clients to double sales is one we’re making work for OWLS and for our clients. One of my niches is the Telecommunications industry. As a group, these companies are definitely geared towards getting “more market share,” and our influence is to help them rethink their positions, to get them swimming in a Blue Ocean of their own as compared to the shark-infested waters of price competition.

    Mario’s experience is a wonderful example of the process one can embark upon to make one’s work and one’s company a true extension of one’s life; to be true to oneself and mindful about how one does that.

  2. […] Watch a video interview with Mario here. […]

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