Posted by: gotrain | April 15, 2009

How Much Do You Think You’re Worth?

How much should you be paid for what you do? The answer is relative to how much value you produce for your company and your clients. Value can be defined in many ways but it could also be very specific and tangible. The most obvious is the sale person whose performance can be measured by sales volume.

The revenue a sales person produces can be restricted by what they are comfortable with and how much they feel they are worthy and capable of earning.

Are you a million dollar a year sales professional or a $2 million a year producer? The difference begins in your own mind. You will only produce what you believe you can or are worthy of. Even if there are opportunities in front of you, if you believe you are limited to a certain sales or earnings figure, you will shoot yourself in the foot from acting on those opportunities and selling more.

This is a known fact among writers and promoters of personal development and it is nothing new. Napoleon Hill wrote about this in his best seller Think & Grow Rich first published in 1937, over 70 years ago.
The same principles of personal development apply to sales people and especially business owners today. If you want to expand your business, you must first expand your thinking.

This is easy to comprehend but not easy to apply, because our thoughts are habits and we all know how difficult it is to change a habit. Mental habits are even harder to change than physical ones.

The good news is that it can be done and the results are tangible. You must however be willing to work on yourself and that begins with knowing yourself and discovering how to leverage and expand your strengths and tap into using more of your potential.

I used these principles to coach Mario Lapointe of SMT-ASSY and that led to him doubling his sales in one year and even more now. This is happening while his competition is struggling and in some cases going out of business.

You can hear this directly from Mario as I interviewed him on video recently.

Watch the video here



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