Posted by: gotrain | April 30, 2009

A Winning Process for Business Development!

Today is the last day of April and the sun is shining, which is a good way to end the month. Things are looking brighter in the economy and people I speak with seem more positive about short term opportunites to grow their businesses. The forecast for May looks bright and sunny so it’s a good time to get out there and break new grounds for business development.

Last week I interviewed Mario Lapointe, president of SMT-ASSY on the personal development and sales training process he went through that resulted in doubling his sales in just one year. This was after having experienced flat sales growth for the previous five years.

I recorded the interview conference call and I am making it available on my website here.



  1. I thought I would throw in my tuppence worth and give you the link to my business development thoughts. Please read my blog post and see if there is anything missing from my techniques

    • Checked out your blog Graeme and it looks quite well thought out and complete. Good advice that if you follow you will have lots of success.


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