Posted by: gotrain | May 6, 2009

The Secret to Building High Performance Organization Starts with a Certain Mindset

Today I read an article about the elementary school I attended as a lad and was amazed to learn about how it has evolved into a unique and wonderful learning environment.

The key here is the involvement of the parents in the functioning of the school and special activities that gets the kids participating in different types of events such as theatrical productions.

This model can also be used in all aspect of society, including businesses to solve the problems we face. The more opportunity and encouragement people are given to participate in decisions and be active in the solutions, the more we will build a responsible population that can collaborate together to solve problems and create new opportunities, rather than bickering and creating conflicts that lead downhill.

Nurturing talented kids is how Gardenview grows

By MIKE BOONE, The Gazette May 6, 2009

Grease is the word at Gardenview – with a few of the musical’s words rendered age-appropriate.

When students from the St. Laurent elementary school stage Grease at Westmount High School this week, the pre-ados won’t be belting out, “You better shape up, ’cause I need a man.”

“Grease is not elementary school material,” understated Carmy Zolla, a parent volunteer who’s been overseeing the production. “We’ve modified the script. We’ll stress the music, not the words.”

Tucked away on a quiet side street in St. Laurent, Gardenview is a two-storey red-brick building that’s bursting at the seams with 800 students, the largest elementary school enrolment in the English Montreal School Board. The population of St. Laurent is growing, swelled by numerous young families with school-age children – as evidenced by the school’s seven kindergarten classes.

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