Posted by: gotrain | May 12, 2009

Seth Godin says the Web has the Power to Change the World. Does it?

Yesterday I read an interview with Seth Godin in Les Affaires , a Quebec based business newspaper in which Godin said that the web has the power to change the world because of the opportunity to communicate and reach a global audience and have it circulated almost instantly around the world. He says that this was never possible before.

I agree with Mr Godin’s statement and I am sure many people do as well. At the same, time is the world really changing as a result of this great new opportunity afforded us? Perhaps it is to a certain degree but there is obviously something much more that needs to happen.

Again this morning I read another article in the business section of the Montreal Gazette about the mess that the global economy is in and that to change things we need to change the kind of thinking that got us into this mess in the first place.

I agree with this line of thought but the solution proposed in the article again misses the mark. That is because the root cause of the problem is not being addressed with the proposed solution.

The article went on to say that group think is the cause of the problems we face in the economy and the world and the solution is to have more woman in leadership roles. The author states that woman do not necessarily think differently from men, but men think they do and causes men to check their perspectives and think more broadly. This is hogwash to me and again comes from a deep misunderstanding of the true cause of the problem

The real cause of the problem is fear and unconsciousness, which stems from a lack of self-knowledge, self awareness and the conditioned misconception of what makes us happy.

There is a great piece in the fabulous documentary film “Crude Impact” where they comically show how we have been lied to and sold on the concept that more stuff is better and makes us happier. This is just a big lie and one of the biggest illusions in life.

The fact of the matter is that happiness is within us and must only be rediscovered and not recreated on the outside through having more stuff. I say this because when we were very young we were happy as long as we had the basics and one most important ingredient, love.

The real purpose of life is not to build empires and become famous because that again is just more stuff on the outside. It is to experience the happiness and fulfillment of life and to enjoy the journey.

When every human being understands this and can make this their first priority and help others on their journey feel the same, things will REALLY change. The web and technology can help make this happen but it cannot change the mindset of people. This can only come through a process of self discovery .

Leaders of either gender have the power, authority and perhaps the greater self esteem to take the risk to lead the way. But first they need to discover who they really are and use that knowledge and understanding to nurture the same in others.


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