Posted by: gotrain | June 17, 2009

Be free, work less, earn more, enjoy life!; New Online Program Coming Very Soon

My partner Fritz Glaus and I have been working hard (well not that hard but hard enough) at creating an online program to provide business owners and leaders with a system to gain the freedom to work less, earn more and enjoy life.

I have written about this a lot in the past. After all, who does not strive to have these things in their business and lives. We all would rather have our businesses serve us rather than being a slave to it.

But to achieve that status of freedom requires a way of leading and managing people so that they run the business not you. This cannot happen overnight and thus requires a clear commitment and an understanding of what to do and how to achieve it.

We had already launched a program and website to teach this system but it did not serve our intention and so we have been reconstructing the website.

We are now very close to completion and it will soon be launched. As I get closer to completion I will be able to give a launch date so stay tuned and subscribe to our news feed.



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