Posted by: gotrain | June 22, 2009

Imagine a New Transformed Organization!

Yesterday was the last day of the Yoko Ono Give Peace a Chance exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts.of the. This reminded me of the great song Imagine by John Lennon in which he sings about a different world, one of people living in peace and treating each other with love and respect.

Of course this has not transpired in the world we live in today and this may seem out of our grasp.

Ever since I was quite young and discontent with what I saw happening in the world, I wanted to change things.

I realize now that all I can change is myself and how I treat others. One of the great things about being in business or a leader of any organization, is that we have power. We can use that power in many ways to influence people and how they behave.

This means that can can sculpt the organization of our dreams, just like Lennon inspired us to do with his song about imaging the world a much better place.

Leaders can choose the direction of their organization and can also imagine an organization of people working productively and in harmony. Cooperation and mutual support towards a common goal can become a reality if the boss so desires and builds a team of like minded individuals.

This is the thrust of the new online learning program and system we are developing. It is directed for leaders to develop this mindset in themselves and share it with their management team. This approach has the power to transform a person and an entire organization.

It begins with self-understanding and the desire to improve one’s own personal balance as a leader and team member. With this mindset one also develops a continuous improvement approach to life and work that balances task and relationship. We need both in order to be successful at our endeavors and our relationships.

We will be rolling out this new pogrom in the next few days. Please keep in touch.


Stephen Goldberg


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