Posted by: gotrain | July 22, 2009 is launched. Learn your type, know yourself, collaborate, succeed, enjoy!

This morning I was watching the Tour de France and was intrigued by the response in an interview of one of the cyclists from team Garmin, Christian Vande Velde.

He was saying that the most important thing for success was knowing his teammates and he was referring specifically to Bradley Wiggins who is currently in third place in the overall time standings.

He said that to be most effective as a team you need to know your teammates strengths, weaknesses, their qualities, how they think and react and what their needs are.

These guys are competing in the most difficult sporting event on the planet and do so using high performance machines and equipment. Of course he could have spoke about the importance of having the best finely tuned bike and about the physical conditioning of the athletes. Instead he talked about knowing each other.

We find the same to be true in organizations. Today it is all about teamwork and how well people can execute together using similar equipment and technology as the competition.

Teamwork is not just about technique and knowledge of your tasks but about helping and supporting your teammates just as in the Tour de France. And to do this you need to understand and accept each other and the differences rather than critiquing and competing.

This is what my new online business and website is all about. TBS logo_smalleris a coaching membership program with the goal of facilitating a style of leadership that gives business owners and leaders the freedom to innovate, work less, earn more and enjoy life.

It is about developing an organization of talented people who are motivated to work as a team and take 100% responsibility for producing superior results in all functional areas.

Here are some of the key features of this exceptional program.

· A unique online e-Learning system to know-yourself and others

· A members forum to exchange and collaborate with others

· A weekly newsletter

· Bi-monthly telephone seminars to discuss our types of people and leadership approach

· One-on-one coaching

· Organization specific group coaching

And there is much more. Visit the site right now and sample our free e-Learning demo on types of people based on the three brain approach to self-knowledge as validated by neuroscience.

Take our quick free survey to find out if you are more of a leader or a manager.

Answer our leadership and team development question of the week and participate in the discussion and for free.

Sign up for our next telephone conference call on Thursday July 30th to learn more about our types of people program.

Much work has gone into producing the website and coaching program with my partner Fritz Glaus. Fritz is the author of CrazyZoo, Know Thyself Made Easy and on whose work most of the content of this program is based.

We invite you to visit and bookmark this site now and to register to receive our newsletter and to become a member right away. The basic level is FREE so just do it!


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