Posted by: gotrain | August 3, 2009

Good article on creating a coaching culture

I have added the follwing comment to an article on creating a coaching climate. Here is the link to the full article.


Breaking down the barriers to a creating a coaching culture

Excellent article by David Minchin and good comments as well.
Transforming an organization’s culture takes time, determination and patience. It really requires the understanding of the benefits of a coaching management style for the business owner or CEO in order for him to fully support and drive the process of change. The owner of CEO holds the highest power of decision making in the firm and is also the role model that sets the tone of behaviour that dictates the style of leadership and teamwork that ensues.

To create a coaching culture people need to want to help and support each other rather than compete and dominate. This can only happen when they learn to understand and accept each other and their differences. Coaching skills alone do not cut it.

Stephen Goldberg
Work less, earn more and enjoy life!


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