Posted by: gotrain | August 6, 2009

The win-win agreement with the president

As mentioned in my last post on this case study the next step was to meet with the president to conduct a performance review of his commitments to improve and as well review my support commitments to him.

We met last week to conduct the review. Although there was no real improvement in his performance, I was happy to see his continued commitment to the process. He realized how difficult it is to change habits in order to get the results he wanted and had put in writing.

We took the opportunity to clarify his key goal relative to the personal tendency of his type that he wants to work on. He realized now that he tends to be to dominating with his managers and thus he does not empower them to make their own decisions. This was a change because originally he had chosen the tendency of procrastinating on decisions.

He also realized that this tendency of being too dominant had a strong impact on his ability to meet his leadership performance commitments, which evolve around subjects like using active listening, sharing thoughts and ideas, coaching his direct reports, delegating more etc.

It thus became evident that learning the leadership skills for participative management is not sufficient to make changes in behavior but one must work on the call tendency first that acts as a restrainer to change and better performance as a leader and manager.

The next meeting will be to follow-up on his progress of tracking his performance and to plan the set up of win-win agreements with his direct reports.

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