Posted by: gotrain | October 2, 2009

Win-win agreements with direct reports to the president

This continues my case study of my intervention with a small business to improve people performance.

You can read my previous posts to get familiar with this case and what has happened up to now.

Even though we have been through a nasty recession that has affected their market which is telecom the firm continues to do very well.

I formed a win-win agreement between the president and myself that defines the expected outcome and what he expects from me. I used the same method as I will for the agreements between him and his direct reports.

This enabled the president to walk though and experience the win-win agreement process, which he now understands well and made it easy for him to commit the resources to this next phase.

Over the last two weeks I have meet three mangers to hold one-on-one coaching sessions to clarify their understanding of the process and to begin drafting their performance commitments.

Each performance commitment contains their personal goal related to their classic type and the accompanying goal to overcome the key tendency related to their type. This is highly important because keeping this goal in focus, reminds the person of the qualities of their type and the tendency that holds them back the most. Working on their type related goal keeps them in a mindset of continuous improvement.

The president had already given me his concerns about each person’s performance and with that I had drafted the leadership behaviors to address these concerns as part of the win-win agreement. So my focus now is to clarify the performance responsibilities of each respective managers’ department against which to measure their performance.

There is a direct correlation between the leadership behaviors of a managers and the performance of his department.

It was interesting to see in the interviews that the hardest thing for managers to deal with is people. This is what causes them the most grief and what makes their job hard.

This has not changed in years and is perhaps worse than ever since people tend to meet less in person to take the time to exchange with each other. Yet companies tend to ignore these issues and keep throwing money at system improvements to solve the problem. Or they hold fun team building events thinking that this type of bonding will get people to work better together. People development is not a quick fix but an ongoing commitment.

I still have two more managers to meet before I complete the first draft of their respective win-win agreements and send them for their review.

Once this is done I will meet each one again to confirm and draft the support commitments from their boss.

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