About Stephen Goldberg

I am the founder/owner of Optimus Performance, a firm specializing in leadership and team development with the goal of creating a high performance organization. We work in all types of organizations and industries as we believe that people in organizations are the real experts in their respective fields and that by providing the tools to enhance knowledge of oneself and others, people will solve their own problems and make regular improvements in their work and the organization. This is what then leads to a more successful organization and success then becomes evident in the attitudes and behaviour of people as well as in financial performance.

I started in this field kind of by accident back in 1994. I had been an entrepreneur in the automotive field and had hired a leadership coach because I was having difficulty managing and motivating people. Through this process I realized that I needed to change and grow in my approach to people and this discovery fueled my passion for self-development.

Since starting out as an associate with my coach I was given the opportunity to learn while developing a customer base that I still work with today.  Luckily my passion for learning keeps me reading all that I can and attending various workshops and seminars related to my field. Thus my knowledge and creativity is applied to my coaching and training services to the benefit of my clients.

When not working you can find me with my eye looking through a viewfinder of one of my Nikon digital cameras or my new Sony HD camcorder. I am working on some inspirational videos to integrate into my workshops using my own media.

I also volunteer my time to helping others learn about self-fulfillment and inner peace.



  1. Mr. Golberg,
    I want to thank you for the blog that you took the time to write about me. At first when you told me that you wrote a blog about me i was very curious of why someone would do so. I did take a look around your website and i do understand where all this comes from and i have to admit that i will be reading more of your blogs! i admire the way you were able to describe me perfectly! You really did sense the true emotional being that i am! I try to give the same type of attention to all my clients and i am successful at sales marketing because of this! i have to admit i kind of feel like i got caught in my own game hihihihihi! In the end i did win you back to my compagny and i called you back very exactly at 9:38… i did all this because i care! Hopefully the rest of the compagny will treat you the same way! Take Care and thank you once again for this wonderful blog!

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